Find Out Why Your Hotel Should Have a Concierge-Button

Communication is continually getting faster and immediate answers are expected. Good communication and a high service quality are important features for every hotel management. Guests and millennials in particular expect fast answers and often prefer to utter their requests online. An app-based tool like the gestigd® Concierge-Button helps to simplify this process.

Here are 5 reasons why your hotel should get the gestgid® Concierge-Button:

  1. Guarantee a Fast Service – React Immediately to Your Guests’ Wishes
  2. Facilitate Direct Communication – Forward Your Guests’ Requests to the Responsible Members of Staff
  3. Compatible With Most Mobile Devices – Available for Android or iOS
  4. Benefit from Additional Features of the gestgid® – One App with Endless Possibilities
  5. Size Does Not Matter – Every Hotel in the World Can Get Registered

Let Your Guests Know You Take Care of Their Wishes – Anytime.

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The gestgid® Hospitality Suite offers hotels many advantages like direct bookings, mobile check-in, instant feedback and an individual app appearance.

Here are 6 reasons why you should register your hotel for the gestgid®:

  1. Extend your booking channels, be more present for your guests – through app-listing
  2. Increase your revenues – through In-app direct booking campaignes
  3. Create a bond with your guests – through pre-arrival communication
  4. Offer more information and cross- and upselling on-site – through pre- and on-site push-notification
  5. Get more satified guests and better reviews – through real-time-guest feedback
  6. Obtain the guest loyalty after the stay – through automated newsmailing and re-engagement campaigns

As “Hotel Online” has recently stated direct bookings are around 9 % more profitable than bookings through third party sites.

Your hotel can be updated to the pro version any time.

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