Added value for your hotel

How smart technology can generate guest connections and direct bookings

Just imagine the following, unpleasant situation: after a nice evening you are waiting with your date in front of your hotelroom, but you cannot find your keys to open the door. Of course, you could approach the receptionist to get a new one. But don’t you think, that you could spend your time better? What about opening your hotelroom door just using your smartphone?

Save time and money
Smart Travel Technology ties up to these time-consuming, administrative activities and tries to revolutionize them. This development is not only supported by the time savings of the guests, but also of your staff. Be it a room reservation whilst travelling, a change of checkin-time or simply a gym or spa booking after an exhausting office day. All can easily be arranged on the way by just one click.

Hotelier watch out for OTA apps
Whereas this is already standard in the USA, in Germany the market is overwhelmed with OTA apps. Of course there you need one app for each feature you want to digitalize. Bring all your applications together in one special app for your hotel and create a digital environment for your guests.

It’s up to you
Using gestgid® you cannot only open your door with your smartphone. Moreover you can create a digital environment for your guests in which you can generate real value by using several applications, such as direct bookings.
Be digital and don’t waste your time. Look here for your gestgid® download.

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