The importance of pre-stay communication in 5 steps

What most hoteliers don’t see is, that pre-stay communication is as important as any other communication during their guests‘ stay.

Therefore, every hotel owner should use the power of pre-stay communication to their advantage. Pre-stay communication does not only help you gather valuable information about your guests, but also improves your guests‘ hotel experience.

How can you approach your guests with pre-stay communication?

Here are five ways to get to know your guests.

1. Email

Every hotel should send their guests a booking confirmation email. This is the most basic way of communicating with your guests, but it’s nevertheless very effective.

What your first email should include:

– Personalized and friendly message: Thank your guests for choosing you and confirm their booking.

– Send links to value-added services, upgrades, and other deals. Let them know you’re on social media and note that you are always available for requests and concerns.

– Be brief and concise.

– Also, make sure that your emails are mobile optimized.


2. Pre-stay questionnaire

This type of pre-stay communication is often used when a hotel has a lot of different kinds of value-added services. You can use a pre-stay questionnaire to provide an engagement platform for your guests.

If you decide to use the pre-stay questionnaire make sure to send it a few days after the booking. Furthermore, let your guests know that you want to make their stay as pleasant as possible.


3. Text messages

Use the power of text messages and send your guests two days before their arrival a short message, telling them how happy you are to host them and remind them of special arrangements you have made for them.
You can include for example a google maps link to your hotel so they can get there easily.


4. Live Chat

A live chat can help you to address urgent matters immediately and allows real-time inquiries. This will show your guests how much you care and appreciate them.


5. Social media

Last but not least: Social media. A very important platform to engage with your guests are our beloved social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can use them to post news, promotions and pictures.

These 5 simple ways of communicating with your guests will improve your business and your guests‘ satisfaction. Try it and be prepared.


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