The wondertool for your guests

How apps can help

According to a study by the analyst firm App Annie, in 2016, mobile applications were used by consumers about two hours a day. The company does not only refer to apps from news services and game providers, but mainly to travel apps. For example, more than half of all bookings at were made via the app of the travel portal.
Perhaps you are asking yourself the question how a travel app could be the Wondertool for your guests?
The solution is quite simple: On the one hand, we have the smartphone and thus also the app always with us. On the other hand, it is not only advantageous in the area of online bookings, but also allows you to optimize your service at low costs. These two components make the app the ultimate travel tool.

Before the stay

The Wondertool, meaning the app, offers your guests a great advantage even before their actual stay. So it is a child’s play to book your stay directly in the app. This makes it possible to use the waiting times at the doctor or the time in the train effectively while booking your hotel.

During the stay

Furthermore, an app can offer your guests a lot of positive features during their stay in your hotel. Have you ever been on vacation, laying comfortably in your bed and wondering how long breakfast will be served? An app could provide your guests with this information within a few seconds. It is just a click away. As you can see, it is quite easy to provide your guests with all the necessary information.

After the stay

In addition, the customer remains connected to your company through the app, which should not be underestimated!
How about sending your guest a message that he is always welcome in your house or making him an unbeatable offer that he cannot resist?

Fascinated by the Wondertool? Contact us today and learn in a free consultation how we can support you with our app [gestgid]®.

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