The reason why minibars are disappearing

Modern and new designed hotels are less fitted with long-time and classic guest room features these days. Many hotel designers do not fit the hotel rooms with a mini bar, a spacious desk or a chest of drawers anymore. But the question is why.

The reason why all these room features are disappearing is, that hotel owners and operators are trying to address the millennial travelers. They believe that the millennials prefer to work and spend their time in hip, communal lobby spaces or their guests’ room beds.

Another reason why is, that there are more business travelers nowadays. This demographic change is very important for the global hospitality industry. Business travelers no longer take all their paperwork with them. Instead, they have all the information on their phone or laptop.

Technology changed the way travelers think. They expect different things and want to book hotels with trendy designs.

How can you provide your guests with what they really want?

The answer is simple. With a smart all-round hotel app. The [gestgid]® is your solution to your success. Provide your guests with everything they need in the form of a small hotel app on their smartphones. Engage with your guests before, during and after their stay at your hotel and give them an exceptional hotel experience.

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