Mobile Keys: How to Improve the Security Standards of Your Hotel

Keycards constitute a threat to the security of hotels. Only little programming effort is needed to open doors that are secured by keycards. How simple it is to open hotel rooms without a card demonstrate various amateur videos on Youtube.

A burglary into guests’s hotel rooms can have dramatic consequences. With their valuables being stolen but no visible damage on the doors easily leads to the conclusion that guests have been robbed by the hotel staff.

Improve Your Security Standards and Avoid Lost Keys

Update your security standards now and enable guests to open their hotel room via a mobile key. Avoid lost cards or keys by enabling guests to use their own smartphones to gain access to their room.

The gestgid®: Key-App For Every Hotel

The gestgid® Hospitaltiy Suite App helps you to provide your guests with the newest digital standard. The gestgid® is a crucial tool for every hotel. Apart from offering app-based mobile keys, the gestgid® also offers direct bookings, mobile check-ins, concierge services and many more features all in one app.

Let you guests feel more secure while offering them the highest digital standard.

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The gestgid® Hospitality Suite offers hotels many advantages like direct bookings, mobile check-in, instant feedback and an individual app appearance.

Here are six reasons why you should register your hotel for the gestgid®:

  1. Extend your booking channels, be more present for your guests – through app-listing
  2. Increase your revenues – through In-app direct booking campaignes
  3. Create a bond with your guests – through pre-arrival communication
  4. Offer more information and cross- and upselling on-site – through pre- and on-site push-notification
  5. Get more satified guests and better reviews – through real-time-guest feedback
  6. Obtain the guest loyalty after the stay – through automated newsmailing and re-engagement campaigns

As “Hotel Online” has recently stated direct bookings are around 9 % more profitable than bookings through third party sites.

Your hotel can be updated to the pro version any time.

Follow up the gestgid® on Engaging Hospitality and get the latest updates here:

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