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The importance of pre-stay communication in 5 steps

What most hoteliers don’t see is, that pre-stay communication is as important as any other communication during their guests‘ stay. Therefore, every hotel owner should use the power of pre-stay [...]

April 2018|Hospitality|

The reason why minibars are disappearing

Modern and new designed hotels are less fitted with long-time and classic guest room features these days. Many hotel designers do not fit the hotel rooms with a mini bar, [...]

August 2017|Hospitality|

Added value for your hotel

How smart technology can generate guest connections and direct bookings Just imagine the following, unpleasant situation: after a nice evening you are waiting with your date in front of your [...]

August 2017|Hospitality|

The wondertool for your guests

How apps can help According to a study by the analyst firm App Annie, in 2016, mobile applications were used by consumers about two hours a day. The company does not [...]

May 2017|Hospitality|

Only 5 Days Left Till the ITB Starts

The world's largest tourism trade fair will start soon. There are only 5 days left until you can try out Mobile Keys for your hotel live at the ITB Berlin. [...]

March 2017|Hospitality|

Find Out Why Your Hotel Should Have a Concierge-Button

Communication is continually getting faster and immediate answers are expected. Good communication and a high service quality are important features for every hotel management. Guests and millennials in particular expect [...]

February 2017|Hospitality|

Personalized Hotel-Apps: Offer the Best Digital Service to Your Guests

The expectations of hotel guests are increasing. Millennials in particular are looking for simple and convenient online solutions. In order to become independent from OTAs hotels have to present new [...]

January 2017|Hospitality|

Mobile Keys: How to Improve the Security Standards of Your Hotel

Keycards constitute a threat to the security of hotels. Only little programming effort is needed to open doors that are secured by keycards. How simple it is to open hotel [...]

January 2017|Hospitality|

How to Get Better Online Reviews

According to "4Hoteliers Magazine" about 95% of travelers read online reviews. About the same amount of guests who book hotels online believe that online reviews are helpful. The gestgid® Hospitaltiy [...]

January 2017|Hospitality|

The Key-App for Direct Bookings

GET FOUND AND BOOKED The gestgid® Hospitality Suite App is a key tool for every hotel. You can design your app-appearance individually and provide your guests with relevant information and [...]

January 2017|Hospitality|